In the sport of agility, the dog and handler work together as a team, combining athletic ability and training to negotiate a course of obstacles such as jumps, teeters, tunnels and dogwalks within a prescribed time period. This requires special communication between the dog and handler to negotiate the course without mistakes. Agility is open to all dogs, both purebred and mixed breeds that are at least one year of age. This sport allows handlers to demonstrate their dog's willingness to work with its handler under a variety of conditions.


Success in the sport is most dependent upon the relationship between the handler and dog. This requires a time commitment at home. The use of treats and positive praise are used to motivate your dog.

Dogs should be close to one year old with a good relationship with their handlers. An understanding of "come", "stay", "sit" and "down" is helpful. Dogs should be socialized to other dogs and humans. Dogs in agility are canine athletes so they need to be in good health, not overweight, and have well groomed paws and toenails.

Handlers wanting to train their dogs in agility should be in good health with a readiness to run and play with their dog. Handlers will need supportive running shoes and comfortable clothes.

Beginner Agility


5 pm


This class introduces the dog and handler to different obstacles that are used on an agility course. This class is designed to help the dog and handler to work together to achieve each obstacle with confidence.

6 weeks of class for dogs ages 1 +

Advanced Beginner


6 pm


Run a numbered agility course with all the obstacles and learn how to move from one obstacle to another using voice commands and body movement. 

6 weeks of class for dogs ages 1+

Intermediate Agility


7 pm


This class uses a more advanced course to challenge you and your dog to continue to work as a team to improve on your handling skills along with your dog knowing what youare asking him to do.

6 weeks of class for dogs ages 1+

Handling Class


3 pm

* date/time subject to change


Work with a professional agility instructor on handling skills that will help you accomplish your goals whether it be just for fun or for trialing with your dog. This class is for anyone that wants to improve their handling skills no matter what your level.

6 weeks of class for dogs ages 1+ who have completed some agility training previously

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